Booker: If we have a constitutional crisis in this country, it’s important that the Supreme Court be above suspicion. Why not right now alleviate all suspicion that the reasonable person could have that you would recuse from all matters of the Mueller investigation?

Kavanaugh: If I commit to a position …

Booker: This is so that you don’t have to commit to a position.

Kavanaugh: If I committed to deciding a particular case, including whether I would participate, I would demonstrate that I do not have the independence necessary to be a good judge.


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I lived in Toronto for several years off and on and it only takes a few months from that slightly different perspective to realize how Canadians and the rest of the world see the U.S.:

Like a 6-foot 9, 360-lb. sweaty guy who takes up two seats next to you on the plane, and then insists during the entire flight–through a megaphone–that you in your one seat are crowding him, and that there is no way in hell he will be compelled to hand you your Diet Coke from the flight attendant. Then he lights up a cigarette and threatens the 110-lb flight attendant with legal action when she tries to take it away from him, at the same time copping a feel.

In other words, you can’t wait for the plane to land and you can get away from this guy except that the plane never lands.

Y’know, the world’s much larger
Than it seems today,
But if my bad luck ever
Blows me back this way,

I’ll just look in the
Book of Liars
For your name…

There’s a star
In the Book of Liars
By your name.

Excerpt from
Book of Liars on
11 Tracks of Whack

Thank you Walter, for having the courage to be an artist
whenever it was that happened. And for your ever-sustaining and eloquent opacity.

Walter Becker, R.I.P.