Call Rewrite!

…or, The Rape of Rhetoric

Eternal Excel Questions

After All These Years, why does summing a column of numbers in Excel still make the screen jump so that the total of that column of numbers is dozens of rows away down or up from the screenful of numbers that you’ve got now? After All These Years, why do you still have to go hit “Currency” twice when formatting a cell or set of sells to have numbers with […]

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Kavanaugh to America: Drop Dead

Booker: If we have a constitutional crisis in this country, it’s important that the Supreme Court be above suspicion. Why not right now alleviate all suspicion that the reasonable person could have that you would recuse from all matters of the Mueller investigation? Kavanaugh: If I commit to a position … Booker: This is so that you don’t have to commit to a position. Kavanaugh: If I committed to deciding […]

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Trump v Trudeau

Found at I lived in Toronto for several years off and on and it only takes a few months from that slightly different perspective to realize how Canadians and the rest of the world see the U.S.: Like a 6-foot 9, 360-lb. sweaty guy who takes up two seats next to you on the plane, and then insists during the entire flight–through a megaphone–that you in your one seat […]

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